May 30, 2024


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Elevate the Roof Fundraisers – How to Elevate Income for a Slate Roof for Your Church or Nonprofit

Numerous times nonprofit businesses these types of as church buildings and colleges are housed in historic buildings that have slate roofs. When numerous slate roofs can last for above a hundred many years, there will occur a time when the roof shingles will want to be changed or eliminated. Considering the fact that slate is the most high priced roofing substance, the value for a new slate roof, depending on the sizing, can arrive to hundreds of hundreds of bucks. Even if the substitute roof will not be produced of slate the cost will still be sizeable.

Of course, boosting the income for a new roof can be a complicated endeavor for a nonprofit corporation. Often organizations need to have to fundraise for many decades to increase sufficient funds for a new roof or other construction project. The alternative of obtaining a grant from national, condition, or regional governments should really be looked into. From time to time one donor has the implies to donate the total total or can set up a matching cash program.

Due to the fact slate roof shingles are so beneficial they really should in no way been hauled off to a landfill and thrown away. The aged shingles can be recycled and made use of to assistance raise dollars for your firm.

Some of the techniques to raise dollars with your old slate roof shingles are:

Inquire the business that will be putting in the new roof to buy the outdated slates. Often the company will do this and use the slates for a different undertaking.

Sell the made use of slates to slate roof recyclers or development salvage companies.

Promote the slates to other organizations or people today who are in need of them for their roofing installations.

Continue to keep some of the outdated slates to use in your fundraising things to do.

Slate roof shingles typically have two holes drilled in them that make them excellent for turning into plaques. You merely connect a chain and you have a plaque or wall hanging. You can promote the slates blank, as is, or you can adorn them. If there are artistically gifted people today in your organization you can decorate the slate plaques in any quantity of means. Or, you can have an artist in your neighborhood embellish them for you. Slates can be decorated as keepsakes for users of your firm, for instance, by implementing a picture of your setting up. Slate shingles can also be turned in clocks and other attractive objects.

The pricing of your shingles will depend upon your fundraiser. If you are applying them as a memento you could inquire for a minimum amount donation in the volume of, for illustration, $50 or extra, and give them as a reward in return for the donation.

Even if you are receiving rid of your slate shingles you need to check out and hold some of them for fundraising. Your board of administrators or fundraising crew can in all probability do a bit of brainstorming and occur up with some inventive and profitable thoughts on how to use them.