July 14, 2024


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Oil Rig Work opportunities – Functioning Aboard the Petronius Oil Platform

Oil Rig Work opportunities – Functioning Aboard the Petronius Oil Platform

For a a few hardy, industrious adult males a 2,000 foot large metal behemoth of a rig in the Gulf of Mexico is household very well two months out of every four, that is. They function, snooze and take it easy aboard the Petronius oil platform, operated by Marathon Oil and the Chevron corporation.

The Petronius is one particular of the most mindboggling of all the big oil platforms scattered across the oceans of the planet. Named for the Roman writer it was the world’s tallest no cost standing framework right up until 2008 when it was suppassed by the Burj Dubai. The platform serves 14 diverse wells outputting millions of barrels of oil. At around 500 million pounds the Petronius is 1 of the most pricey offshore civil building assignments in the entire world

Working aboard the rig is 1 the most hazardous employment there is. Oil rigs are usually dozens or hundreds of miles from land and bear the brunt of some of the harshest weather conditions that mother nature unleashes. Rocked and rolled by waves, ripped at by gales and frozen by bitter chilly – these are just some of the all-natural hazards an oil rig is subjected to. For the typical rig employee the person-created dangers can be even additional of a threat. Swinging cranes, the continuous shifting of heavy equipment, harmful electrical power equipment which can rend a limb from a entire body in a 2nd and becoming only a small drop from near selected death into an ocean seventy 5 metres down below acquire more than a number of lives each year.

So what appeals to men to work far out at sea, residing in cramped quarters of up to four to a area in one of the most dangerous jobs in the environment? Well 1 thing is the cash. On the Petronius salaries get started at about $50k a 12 months, which is a terrific starting off income for somewhat unskilled work. Those people with trade skills and competencies, and those with a number of yrs of expertise can command six figure salaries.

An additional draw to oil rig employment is the generous time off. Employees aboard the Petronius function a two months on, two months off agenda. This usually means that they ordinarily operate less than six months of the year and however get paid a incredibly aggressive wage. Whilst they are on board the Petronius the oil rig staff are also extra than amply fed, noshing down on 4 hearty foods a working day, all of which are involved in their payment package. Recreation amenities on the ‘floating town’ also contain a health club and satellite Television set to fill the few hrs that the adult males are not tricky at get the job done. These oil rig careers are hard, but they aren’t without their own benefits.

Even although this operate is noisy, in a distant location and the work circumstances are superior hazard, work aboard the Petronius and other oil platforms even now has a big draw for a specified sort of person. Hard, resilient, hardworking and probably somewhat thrilled by the menace of hazard there is a consistent stream of hardy guys applying for these careers. Though they perform tricky aboard the rig, most of them much more than make up for it in their time off. If you have at any time found a rig employee on his regular go away, you will know that they know how to ‘unwind’ in type.