May 30, 2024


Taste For Business

The best portable scanners in 2022

Looking for one of the best portable scanners? We’re here to help you find the perfect lightweight scanner that you can take anywhere to grab digital copies of receipts and business cards for your records, or tuck away in a drawer so that it’s not taking up valuable desk space.

Portable scanners are generally light, compact and reasonably inexpensive, and if you shop around you’ll find there’s not a great deal to separate them. Most scan at up to 600dpi, and speed-wise you’ll find that they’ll come in between 7 and 15 pages per minute; not super-fast, but nothing to really complain about. Options you may want to look out for are internal batteries so that you don’t need to plug them into your laptop for power when you’re out and about, Wi-Fi connections for easier transfer of scanned images, and if you have a lot of stuff to scan then there are a few options with built-in document feeders; not many, though.