July 15, 2024


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Using an IT Service Management Consultant

Using an IT Service Management Consultant

The number one objective when offering IT Service Management consulting services to clients is to ensure the organisation’s IT Services are aligned to the business needs and to provide support to them.

Organisations depend on the smooth functioning of their IT Services. They require that IT processes and services are implemented, managed and supported in the most effective manner leading to a more efficient and profitable business.

An organisation that manages its IT Services well will be able to run a business with less disruptions and loss of production hours. In turn this will enable the organisation to reduce overheads, increase turnover and improve customer service which will impact positively on the bottom line.

More specific, Service Management is a set of specialised organisational capabilities specifically required for providing value to customers in the form of services. In order to be able to provide this to the customer Service Management needs to consider the entire life cycle of every process that leads to the service offering from strategy through design and to implementation.

Ensuring these processes are securely in place and functioning to the optimum efficiency is dependent on the IT Service Management delivery to its mandate. An organisation considering the use of consultants to assist their Service Department delivers is often a good option.

In particular in the field of ITIL Service providers the expertise required is often not available in-house. On the other hand employing a specialist on a full-time basis can be very expensive. Short-term expert consultants often provide just the right input at an affordable price.

Furthermore Consultants tend to be flexible in terms of their availability. This includes not only the hours worked but also where they are willing to work. For instance a global organisation may wish to send a Consultant to a factory or plant outside the country. This could be a plant in a neighbouring country or an Asian country when head office is in the USA.

Consultants tend to be more willing to uproot to a different culture and environment. Permanent staff might have serious concerns about taking their family with them where schools for children might not be that good and partners might be unwilling to uproot their lives.

In addition it is easy to find qualified consultants as the IT Service Management industry has excellent certification and qualifications in place to ensure that only the right skills are offered. When calling in consultants make sure you view their qualifications. It is well worth the effort.