July 14, 2024


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Why Sharing Past Medical History With Travel Insurers Is Important?

Benefits of Sharing Your Medical History with Your Travel Insurance Provider

Imagine that your all-inclusive international travel health insurance plan wouldn’t help you if you had a medical emergency while you were abroad. When this happens, you’re forced to spend the money you’ve saved to buy gifts for your family and friends back home. Isn’t that a nightmare?

There might be a time when you find yourself in a situation where your travel health insurance company won’t listen. Your travel insurance coverage may only cover you if you have told them about your health problems. *

Understand what past medical history means:

Your medical history includes any illnesses, diseases, or surgeries you have had or may have had. Some people’s medical histories may make getting overseas travel insurance hard because they are more likely to get sick while travelling.

Why Should You Tell Your Travel Insurance Company About Your Medical History?

If you don’t tell your travel insurance company about any health problems, the cost of your travel insurance coverage may be low. As a result, you may only be covered for certain things. But let’s say you talk to your insurer about your medical history and tell them about any problems you have had. 

In that case, your insurer may take the time to determine what you need and develop a premium that fits you well. So, even though your travel insurance company may suggest a pre-medical checkup, it is best to tell your insurance company about any health problems you may have ahead of time.

Five good reasons to tell your travel insurance company about your medical history.

A travel insurance plan usually covers you in case of an emergency, like if you have to cancel your trip, your flight is late, you lose your luggage, it gets stolen or broken into, or you get sick. The more honest you are about your health history, the more likely you will get to enjoy the travel insurance benefits. Here are a few things that may help your travel insurance plan if you tell them your complete medical history:

  • You get insurance and safety.

If you tell the airline ahead of time about any health problems you’ve had in the past, you can be sure that there won’t be any medical problems that could make your trip uncomfortable by telling your insurer about the problems, your chances of getting your claim paid to go up by up to 95%.*

  • Access to all of the Online comparisons.

Only some travel insurance companies will cover diseases you already have. You can eliminate many travel insurance plans that don’t meet your needs when you compare them online.

  • Customised Travel Insurance Plan

If you tell your travel insurance company about your medical history, they will customise a plan that fits your needs. To obtain a plan that meets your needs, you must discuss them. If you disclose your medical condition, the procedure will proceed more smoothly.

  • You Get Saved from Fake Promises

Many travel insurance companies will make more significant promises, but when the time comes, they won’t keep any of them. But if you are more specific about your health history, vague promises will be weeded out, leaving you with the best travel insurance plan. ##

  • Still, your travel insurance plan will be economical

Getting medical care abroad is a lot more expensive than in India. Getting travel insurance that doesn’t cover a medical condition you already have can cost you twice as much as your premium!

If you buy travel insurance and tell the company about your medical history, you can get your money back later. So, buying a plan in this way is economical and can help you save more money. ##

*Standard T&C Apply

## All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

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