May 20, 2024


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Bizarre Commissioner’s Business Card Mishap Defies Logic

A great deal of weird matters have occurred in Guilford County govt this century, but 1 of the strangest took place to Guilford County Commissioner James Upchurch this 7 days when Upchurch received his box of county authorities organization playing cards.

The cards offer you his get hold of details and detect him as a Guilford County commissioner.

A lot of persons from all walks of existence purchase related cards for their profession all the time with almost nothing outstanding occurring.

1st, a tiny history.  Upchurch ran for a seat on the board as a Democrat and received as a Democrat, nonetheless, in December of 2021, Upchurch broke from the Democratic Get together and joined the Republican Bash.

When he produced that bounce, he mentioned that viewing the senseless huge shelling out of the Democrats was a person of the factors he still left the social gathering.  He also had some extremely harsh general public terms for Democratic Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston.

Alston experienced some option public terms of his have for the young Republican in a push launch that Alston despatched out quickly right after Upchurch’s remarks.

At any time due to the fact, the two have been adversaries on the board and have rarely spoken.

Which is where the small business playing cards appear in.

Upchurch received a new box of enterprise cards, and, when he opened the box of 500 and checked them, he uncovered something strange – every single so usually strewn all through his playing cards were being the playing cards of Skip Alston.  About just about every 15th or 20th card was a Skip Alston card, with Alston’s name and call information on it.

No other commissioners documented getting Skip Alston cards in with their county business playing cards. Commissioner Frankie Jones, for occasion, claimed all of his cards have been cards with his have title on them.

Some conspiracy theorists would be aware that, if this ended up a random blend-up, is not it not likely that the cards in Upchurch’s box would be with the a single commissioner he’s at odds with.

“How does that even come about?” Upchurch questioned when speaking about the cards immediately after a Thursday, June 2 meeting. “I asked Robin [Clerk to the Board of Commissioners Robin Keller] and she said she didn’t know.”

Upchurch eliminated the Alston playing cards and they were being returned to Chairman Alston.

When Alston was asked if he knew how it experienced took place, he said he did not.

Alston examined the cards quizzically, and said, “They really do not say ‘Chairman,’ on them.  If I had done this, the playing cards would have stated ‘Chairman.’”