April 13, 2024


Taste For Business

If I win office in Iowa, my gender expression will be policed

  • Alejandro Murguia-Ortiz is a community organizer and a prospect to represent parts of Des Moines’ east, north and west sides in the Iowa Senate.

I woke up, put my hair in a sideways ponytail, place on my grandpa sweater along with my mother denims, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat again down on my mattress to browse the Iowa Senate chamber principles of decorum. You know, a normal weekday.

“All folks with accessibility to the Senate chamber shall wear appropriate company apparel. … Males should use a coat and tie at all occasions.” I glance to the rack subsequent to my mattress exactly where I continue to keep my “good dresses.” 

“What do I put on if I gain my election?” I question myself as I rummage as a result of my adorable outfits trying not to spill espresso on everything. I really do not don fits and I never have on dresses. “Are corduroy trousers authorized in the chamber?”